Chords For I Wish You Were Gay

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Hey everyone! Here's a little video I made on recreating the main chord synth from the chorus of "wish you were gay" by Billie Eilish using Diva &.

I WISH YOU WERE GAY Chords by Billie Eilish. Learn to play guitar by chord / tabs using chord diagrams, transpose the key, watch video lessons and much more.

I Wish You Were Gay CHORDS by Billie Eilish for GUITAR, UKULELE, and PIANO !! [Verse :] Am D G Em

wish you were gay guitar chords and lyrics, as performed by Billie Eilish. Official, artist-approved version – the best guitar chord songs on the web.

Learn To play Billie Eilish – Wish You Were Gay Guitar Chords, Chords Progression with Lyrics, Album: When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?

[Am D G Bm Em E A Bb C Dm] ➧ Chords for Billie Eilish – wish you were gay ( Bass Cover) with capo transposer, play along with guitar, piano, ukulele.

Digital Sheet Music for Wish You Were Gay by , Billie Eilish, Finneas O'Connell scored for Piano/Vocal/Chords; id:467466. Buy fully licensed online digital,

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Wish You Were Gay ukulele chords by Billie Eilish. 25,150 views, added to favorites 7,998 times. Tuning: G C E A. Author sparkydraws [pro] 68. 4 contributors total, last edit on Jul 31, 2019. View official tab. We have an official Wish You Were Gay tab made by UG professional guitarists.

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"Baby, AmI don't feel so gD7ood", 6 words you nGever understoodEm "I'll never Amlet you go", 5 wD7ords you never saGid Em I laugh aAmlong like nothing's.

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29 Mar 2019.

Billie's album is out and this is the chord progression of Wish You Were Gay by Billie Eilish on Piano, Ukulele, Guitar and Keyboard. Am D7.

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tono: G Am D G Em "Baby, I don't feel so good" 6 words you never understood Am D G Em "I'll never let you go" 5 words you never say Am D G Em I laugh alone like nothing's wrong, 4 days has never felt so long Am D G If 3 is a crowd & 2 was us, 1 slipped away Am D G Em I just wanna make you feel okay Am D G Em But all you do is look the other way Am D G Em I can't tell you how much I wish I didn.

Song "Wish You Were Gay" ukulele chords and tabs by Billie Eilish. Free and guaranteed quality tablature with ukulele chord charts, transposer and auto scroller.

Song: Wish You Were Gay Artist: Billie Eilish Album: When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? Language: English Year: 2019. Chords Details. Tuning: Standard [ E A D G B E ] Chords: Am, D, D7, G, Em, Am7; Verse. Baby, [Am]I don't feel so [D]good Six words you [G]never unders[Em]tood I'll never [Am7]let you go; Five [D7]words you never [G]say.

I Wish You Were Gay Guitar Chords Billie Eilish. [Verse] Bm E A F#m “Baby, I don 't feel so good” 6 words you never understood. Bm E A F#m “I'll never let you.

Chords to the initial version of this song (2017), not the official single released in 2019.

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Wish You Were Gay chords by Billie Eilish. 215,518 views, added to favorites 14,734 times. Chords to the official single released March 2019. Difficulty: novice. Tuning: E A D G B E. Key: Am. Author pmalavi [a] 12,561. 1 contributor total, last edit on Apr 27, 2019. View official tab.

Download and Print wish you were gay sheet music for Guitar Chords/Lyrics by Billie Eilish from Sheet Music Direct.

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