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I get that LGBT support doesn't outweigh the GP backlash. But i think you guys are living in the past. I'm not saying any idol could come out and.

Is sehun gay? Discuss If he is,i wish i had a dick Jk He said he isn't on Vlive, and even then, we don't know. Can y'all stop lmao, this is KPOP and idk why it matters, since none of y'all have a chance with him anyway.

Newer K-Pop fans may think that because idols are touchy and close with each other (like holding hands), it means they're gay. But Korean culture is just touchier with friends of the same gender.


and dispatch exposed him for being gay and have a bf ?? What the best thing that his/his company do Come out and admit everything and sue.

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According to kpop fans every idol is homo or bi.

I, of course, respect anyone who labels their sexuality as straight or gay because I do believe.

Holland is well-known as the media's first openly gay K-Pop idol. He debuted back on January 2018 and stated that he wanted to make his debut as a singer to speak up on his experiences with violent assaulters and victims stricken on sexual minorities.

The kpop scene is quite big and many idols are either gay/bi. A lot of idols probably each other because they understand what it is like to be an idol and probably won't sell it for a story. I.

Bisexuality is more common than homosexuality. But most bisexuals never sleep with or date the same gender. Most bisexuals live a "straight".

Moonbyul. Amber too, but I think she came out as bi or gay I don't remember. Also the devil itself .

15 Dec 2020.

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Luke M Gay Eleven Aug 2011. Is he, or isn't he? Actor's sexual orientation comes in query after his Wikipedia web page gets altered. Последние твиты от GayLokal (@GayLokal19). Gay TANGERANG mau ML DM AJA DAERAH KARAWACI FAKE AVA. The Luke Skywalker originator spoke with Britain's The Sun in advance this week and confirmed that the For all

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I have a feeling about The Boyz Younghoon. He might be gay in a good way. Dreamcatcher's Siyeon also on my radar. Monsta X's Wonho.

Top 7 Boy Idols Who Lures the Heart of Gay Fans (2018 Ver.) ShinHye Nov 25, 2018 Updated : Apr 21, 2020 26,257 Views Korean gays are known to be NOT INTERESTED in boy idols for whatever the reason.