Hunter X Hunter Kirua Gay

Okay, as a Hunter x Hunter manga reader and anime watcher let me say: Killua isn't gay. Remember what Killua went through.

he was physically tortured and mental manipulated to think that he was incapable of having friends because he would want to kill them and.

Many people have told that they like Hunter x Hunter. This is great to hear because HxH is awesome. Gon and Killua are adorabubble. Dunno why, but the gay ships are so much more fun than straight at the moment (except GamaMako).

Summary: From Hunter X Hunter Doujinshi:Pairing: Hisoka x Gon x KilluaHisoka pays a visit to Gon and Killua's room at Heaven's arena. Summary: Pairing: Killua x Gon From Hunter X Hunter Doujinshi: Killua accidentally drinks Bisuke's drink, which turns him into.

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Kirua Zoldik (キルア=ゾルディック, Kirua Zorudikku) est l'un des quatre protagonistes et le meilleur ami de Gon Freecss dans la série Hunter x Hunter. Il est le troisième enfant de la famille Zoldik. Kirua a les cheveux hérissés argentés, la peau très claire et les yeux bleus.

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Sign In. Killua Zoldyck (Hunter x Hunter Character). So I interpret it as Killua potentially being gay. Sexuality is fluid, and despite all these comments saying that Killua and Gon are just kids, by the Chimera Ant Arc, both are fourteen years old.

The girlfriend started making me watch Hunter x Hunter and I have never adored a set of anime boys so fast. One of the first scenes in Phantom Rogue is Killua staring adoringly into Gon's sleeping face, after which they start arguing like a married couple.

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Killua Zoldyck – Hunter x Hunter; Honestly he is the cutest anime character based on appearance only. But he's also the most vicious, ruthless and violent.

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