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warning: this is pretty gay.

finds himself cuffed by the bed ▭ a hyungwonho fanfiction ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ᯓseungminverse; m.

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shownu: *is gay* kihyun: *is gay panicked* Kihyun, Shownu.

MONSTA X MEMESJooheon brought his family dog, Sanche to the daegu fansigning (his.

# wattpad #fanfiction «Kihyun siempre tiene a Shownu para que le de besos en. Monsta.

Fanfics / Fanfictions de Monsta X de todos os gêneros. Monsta X é uma boyband coreana da agência Starship Entertainment, composta pelos membros Shownu, Wonho, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Jooheon e I'M.

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The Four Seasons. Story Completed October 9, 2017. Fanfiction Romance Short Stories Gay Mlm Wonho Monsta X Male X Male Reader Blb Lee Hoseok.

pairings: wonho x kihyun (kiho, wonghyun); rating: E; length: 2988 words; other tags: age play, gay, smut, daddy kink. “kihyun feels good when others treat him.

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Tags drama fluff minhyuk hyunwoo fluffy gay longfic dramaandromance.

Fandoms: Monsta X (Band), Dramarama – Monsta X (Music Video). Teen And Up Audiences. Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death. MONSTA X Supernatural/Horror/Mystery AU no one asked for.

Discover more posts about Monsta X-fanfic. ANON REQUEST: Monsta x Mafia AU! Where Wonho is at a business meeting and leaves his men at home to take a/N – so its my birthday in a week, its so close to april fools, 2nd april, lmao im a joke N E GAYS im turning 17 and imma start driving im shook.

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Fanfic / Fanfiction God damn – imagine Changkyun "IM" (oneshot) -.

Геи в Monsta X. 27.2K Reads 1.2K Votes 17 Part Story. I'm not gay | jookyun. Совместная жизнь с Monsta X! : «Ты будешь мо.

But Kpop fans know what gay accusations can do to a group as D-Crunch (an up and coming boy group) were stopped for performing at Kuwait because of To be honest, I don't think that one of them is gay. Monsta X members are very affectionate and do treat each other like a family, so they're touchy.

Последние твиты от nsfw monsta x 🔞 (@bttmkihyun). bottom kíhyun & mínhyuk enthusiast. monsta x porn. request on cc. official accounts blocked.

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KPOP BXB SMUTS. Gay smut scenarios/imagines for kpop fans. – Includes idols from groups like Got7, Exo, Nct, Monsta X, BTS.

This is no longer a request book, it will now just be a book of smut I come up with. boyxboygayhyungwonhyungwonhojooheonjoohyunkihyunminhyukmonbebe.

Monsta-X Fanfic. A Growing archive of fanfiction featuring the members of Monsta-x. An apology. I would like to apologize on my behalf to everyone that has been expecting a new post from us or even waiting for their ask to be replied to.