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A guide to the top Gay Destination Wedding Destinations selected by the editors of PASSPORT Magazine. South & Central America. A Neighborhood Guide to Gay Buenos Aires. "Couples should consider destinations with large LGBT populations, such as New Orleans, Orlando, and.

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3 Oct 2012.

Top 5 U.S. Gay and Lesbian Travel Destinations.

the hot beaches of Miami, where the country's first official gay hotel, the Lords South Beach,

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From North America make a jump to South America. And as we closer to the first place of list as higher a temperature and hotter guys. The city is visited by thousands of gay travelers each year. We have no doubt that this city stands on the top of the rankings because the Brazilian guys are so hot.

25 Nov 2016.

It's famous and fabulous—it's Hollywood! Or rather, the distinct city of West Hollywood, a compact urban destination that's long been a gay zone.

Gay-friendly cafes and guesthouses dot the neighborhoods of San Telmo, Retiro, Barrio Norte and Palermo Viejo. Cape Town is Africa's gayest city, and it's a beauty all right. Flat-topped mountains, sculpture-lined parks and golden beaches strike a pose.

Sep 8, 2017 – The Medellin Flower Festival is an experience not to miss for gay travellers. Join a gay tour to celebrate Colombia's most famous festival.

Global Journalist: Gay rights in Latin America7 Jan 2014.

In the latest installment of our Lesbian & Gay Travel series, Sam of.

What I didn't realize was how much traveling in South America would reveal to me.

In the end, I decided the best course of action was simply to be myself,

Out in Colombia Travel is a gay travel & tour agency on the ground in.

or want to party in some of the best gay nightclubs in Latin America, Colombia has it all.

6 Feb 2013.

This year, we added gay-friendly travel, and while cities with an obvious.

South Beach's 12th Street Beach is the most famous, but there's a.

Popular Destinations — South America. From can't-miss iconic cities to new surprises, these are The largest city in South America, Sao Paulo's cuisine and art is as multinational as its diverse Travel through lush jungle to Piedra de Penol, then climb the 740 steps to the top—a journey within a.

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Passport Magazine is the only gay and lesbian travel magazine still in publication.

featuring LGBT-welcoming hotels and guides to top gay hotspots.

solo travelers this way while backpacking through South America, had a.

Top Gay Destinations: United States. Join the largest gay hotelier in the world with 1 million listings in 200 countries including United States. Connect with the local gay community when traveling!

3 Mar 2017.

Latin America has the highest rates of violence against the LGBT community, but it also has some of the most progressive laws for LGBT.

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Today, more Americans identify as being gay than ever before. According to research, which asked actual We've previously taken a look at the Gayest Cities in America and, to no one's surprise, San Francisco checked in as And as you might expect, the upper midwest and the south skew less gay.

If this South American city isn't yet on your gaydar, you haven't been doing your homework. Think stunning Art Deco and neoclassical architecture + a fierce love of the arts plus + beach side bliss + a thriving queer scene As for its LGBT outreach, Uruguay is a South American leader in human rights.

Latin America is a fantastic destination to explore for gay travellers, with a range of beautiful natural scenery, classic world wonders, some of the best gay parties in the world, and the hottest guys you'll ever meet. Although most countries in Latin America are very Catholic with a socially conservative.

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Locations. Europe North America Africa Asia South America Middle East Antarctica Central America Pacific Caribbean. However, the city wasn't alone in being touted as a top destination for gay travellers. The UK media outfit, in collaboration with Travel By Interest, also showcases cities such as.

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Long before the US or UK approved same-sex marriage, countries across Latin America were granting equality to their citizens. Here's their.