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I would first like to apologise for the lack of videos recently, as i said in my 2,000,000 views "Thank you" video i mentioned that my computer is not doing.

— ZF Cyanide (Random CS:GO Bullshittery Part 8). What I am Doing VS What I should be Doing. Watching ZF Clan videos > Cleaning my room and studying for finals.

The clan ZF (Zero Fucks) was created by SovietWomble and a number of his friends from DayZ. According to SovietWomble, "[ZF] are a bunch of close friends who hang out and we never do.

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We must refer to ZF member Cyanide as Chubby Bunny, and any other name will not be tolerated.

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With his first meet up, comes paranoia and terror, but with Cyanide by his side, Womble can conquer anything. This is a boyxboy SovietWomble and zfCyanide.

22 Aug 2014.

Streaming at – http://www.twitch.tv/sovietwomble Twitter machine – https://twitter. com/SovietWomble Zero Fucks Clan forum – zfclan.org/forum.

21 Jul 2019.

Knowing you, these shots are probably from your own weapon backfiring. Because.

you know.

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A description of tropes appearing in Soviet Womble. SovietWomble is a British streamer and self-proclaimed YouTube Phenomenon who is most known for his.

Cyanide actually founded the clan with Cramps. If you need any further help, either consult the mod ´scout2win´ on Twitch or Reddit or visit the main ZF Teamspeak server´s "Arma 3 Support" channel.

In 1950, Alan Turing expressed the following provo cative sentiment : "We may hope that machines will eventually compete with men in all purely intellectual.

7 Jun 2019.

I think my fursona would be a bear like Mr. Hugglesworth or maybe a sexy cat. I just feel like a tail is a big part of me and I'm embracing it.

9 Dec 2015.

r/SovietWomble: **A subreddit dedicated to all things regarding the YouTuber/ Streamer SovietWomble.**

1 Jun 2014.

ZF SovietWomble and ZF Cyanide try out The Stomping Land alpha. Silliness ensues. The ZF Clan have a number of active servers. Details.

Best Of SovietWomble, Cyanide, Edberg, and ZF Clan CS:GO Bulshittery Funny Moments (Part 2)Последние твиты от Cyanide (@zfcyanide). Twitch streamer. Car guy. Business: cyanide@coderedesports.com. Rummaging around your kitchen.